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Global Action Project's SupaFriends is a LGBTQQ youth video crew in New York City. We explore queer history, take pride in our identities, discuss issues in the community and build power by educating ourselves and others through media.

Watch our films below! If you'd like to arrange a screening, please reach out to Luce at luce [at]

Are you an LGBTQ youth interested in working with a group to make your own media?  Apply Here! Tell us about yourself and why you want to join and we'll contact you when the next program begins.

If you work with youth you think may be interested, you can Download the Flyer to distribute.

News and Updates

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There's No Place Like Home

A public service announcement focusing on homelessness among LGBTQ youth.

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Queer in the City

New York City is a great place to be gay, but that doesnt mean its easy. Even here, LGBT youth face daily discrimination and hate violence. In this video, queer NYC youth claim their right to exist and thrive on the streets of the cityand theyre not asking for permission.

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Keisha Knows

Inspired by lesbian pulp fiction novels of the 1950s and the film noir genre, Keisha Knows addresses heteronormativity through not just any love story – but one that explores what is at stake when a community is divided.