The C.O.R.E.

In the year 2032, the dictator Solomon has seized power over one of the five islands remaining after a major world war and stripped people of human rights and freedom. Art and gender expression are outlawed. Borders are highly regulated, and no one is safe. Despite the danger, a group of trans and gender nonconforming People of Color organizers come together to resist. They are The C.O.R.E.

Over Stigmatized

Created by and for trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary and allies from GAP’s SupaFriends LGBTQ media program, this thriller tells the story of how Brave, a racial justice activist and filmmaker, responds to the loss of his ex-girlfriend Kelly, a trans justice organizer, and grapples with his own guilt about hiding their relationship. This film tackles the epidemic of transphobic violence and the silence around the murders of trans women.

"Oversimplified" Episode 1: Origins

Kelly, born and raised in New York City, met Caleb two years ago at a LGBTQ youth shelter. At first rivals, now they are best of friends. Ellen just arrived to the city eager to find community. Through encounters with getting "grilled," generalizations made about the LGBTQ community, and connecting to their history, they explore origins and explain why they are through with being oversimplified into a few (lgbt) letters when the story's much more complex.

Past Forgotten, Future Unwritten

Using the form of The Christmas Carol and The Wiz, this film weaves together the past, present and future of LGBTQ homelessness in New York City, focusing on the intersection of housing, community and self-image. Four characters, each dealing with a different housing struggle, are visited by the spirit of queer history who takes them to three moments in the past. The story explores the relationships between our personal histories, the history of homelessness and the history of LGBTQ resistance, activism and creativity in responding to housing needs.

Cover Up

What if you woke up one morning and found that glitter had spread across your face? What if you had to hide it? What if you were afraid? What if the LaLas ruled the world? What if the LaLas saw you? GLITTER IS NOT A CRIME! WHATCHAMACHALLITS DEMAND JUSTICE NOW!

Queer in the City

New York City is a great place to be gay, but that doesnt mean its easy. Even here, LGBT youth face daily discrimination and hate violence. In this video, queer NYC youth claim their right to exist and thrive on the streets of the cityand theyre not asking for permission.

3 Queer Mice

This short animation is a remake of the nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice. We find three very queer mice in a lot of trouble when their rights are being violated. Based on real stories.