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SupaFriends is G.A.P.’s social justice media-arts leadership program for TLGBQ (Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer) youth in New York City. SupaFriends builds community and takes leadership in defining their issues and solutions; produces strategic, thought-provoking media expressing the unique stories and perspectives of TLGBQ youth. The media that is produced is used to facilitate discussions, and enter into public debates about issues that impact the lives of TLGBQ young people, particularly who are youth of color and low-income youth.

Watch our films below! If you'd like to arrange a screening, please reach out to Luce at luce [at]

Are you an LGBTQ youth interested in working with a group to make your own media?  Apply Here! Tell us about yourself and why you want to join and we'll contact you when the next program begins.

If you work with youth you think may be interested, you can Download the Flyer to distribute.

News and Updates

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"Oversimplified" Episode 1: Origins

Kelly, born and raised in New York City, met Caleb two years ago at a LGBTQ youth shelter. At first rivals, now they are best of friends. Ellen just arrived to the city eager to find community. Through encounters with getting "grilled," generalizations made about the LGBTQ community, and connecting to their history, they explore origins and explain why they are through with being oversimplified into a few (lgbt) letters when the story's much more complex.

Open Houses for This Years Youth Media Programs

Youth Breaking Borders Open House: Wednesday, October 30th, 4-6pm

Youth Breaking Borders is a free social justice media program for immigrant youth aged 14-21. The program meets Wednesdays 4-7pm from November to June.

SupaFriends Open House: Tuesday, October 29th, 4-6pm

SupaFriends is a free social justice media program for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer and Questioning youth aged 14-21. The program meets Thursdays 4-7pm from November to June.

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Turn: A PSA

A PSA in which one young person is able to erase homophobic language and replace it with Pride, Support, Love and Me.

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SupaFriends: The Fight for Acceptance

When one member of the Superheros loses hope for justice on earth and decides to escape to the moon, other members of the team have their beliefs tested. In the process an unlikely hero discovers their own powers to heal, connect and stop cycles of violence.

Become a G.A.P. Youth Producer

We are now accepting applications for two of our 2013 programs.  In G.A.P. programs you will work with a group to make videos that will make an impact around issues that are important to you and your community. You don’t need any media experience to join.

WERK IT, OWN IT, SHARE IT! Come be a part of Building LGBTQ Youth Power Through Media!

Werk It Report Back Flyer
Join FIERCE, Global Action Project and Streetwise and Safe for a night of activities and discussion on how LGBTQ Youth can build power through media creation and dissemination.

We will showcase media made by LGBTQ youth organizers from around the country, make buttons and silk screen t-shirts, learn about media history and its impact on our communities and discuss how we can grow and strengthen our organizing work together!

Oct. 11th 4pm-9pm
147 W. 24th Street 6th and 4th Floors

El Museo del Barrio Screens G.A.P. Films

El Museo del Barrio presented three G.A.P. films in their OUR ROLLS screening on March 17. This screening featured films by young local artists who use film as their palette to awaken the real and imagined testimonios of their lives and ours. Congratulations to all the G.A.P. youth producers who created these powerful films!

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Cover Up

What if you woke up one morning and found that glitter had spread across your face? What if you had to hide it? What if you were afraid? What if the LaLas ruled the world? What if the LaLas saw you? GLITTER IS NOT A CRIME! WHATCHAMACHALLITS DEMAND JUSTICE NOW!

Global Action Project Youth Producer Application

Become a Global Action Project Youth Producer! Our programs combine media making with social justice issues - such as immigrant and LGBTQ justice - to produce videos that will make an impact and create change in our communities. You will learn how to make videos, share stories, grow your leadership, discuss the power of media in society, while also making friends and building community. Fill out this application and we will get in touch with the details of the next open house.