V. The Great Performer

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Videl, an undocumented street performer, struggles with police harassment in New York City. He decides to take action by joining his friend and other youth organizers in a Know Your Rights program. Will his struggle with police continue? Through this video, the producers of Youth Breaking Borders hope to empower viewers to change their situation by accessing resources and building community.

Learn Your Rights and Protect our Communities:

- changethenypd.org
- familiesforfreedom.org
- justicecommittee.org
- thenyic.org
- citylore.org

Youth Producers: Abdoul Akanji, Charles Canario, Danissa Santos, Eduardo Enciso, Hatim Mohamed, Ivanna Vatamanyuk, Jeremy Franklin, Pierre Louis Junior, Marvin Brunache, Maxner (MB) Brisson

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