Dreams Without Documents

Run Time: 
13m 43s

“Dreams Without Documents” is a story about two best friends, Ana and Toni. Ana is a young woman living in New York City determined to reach her aspirations of enrolling into college. As she dives head first into the application process, Ana discovers there are many barriers for undocumented teens that prevent her from accessing the same opportunities that her friends have. Toni is a young man struggling to find the best way to support his friend, often times learning that his decisions are beginning to build tension in their relationship. Ana and Toni find themselves toe to toe with a challenging journey to triumph through for their future and their friendship.

Producers: Reyni Almonte, Yara Mims, Charles Canario, Eduardo Enciso, Polina Grebennicova, Tahir Muhamad, Joy Paul, Carl Remy, Merly Suclupe, Rogelio Temple, Ivo Testi, Isabel Villalba

Youth Breaking Borders
Educational Justice
Immigrant Justice