We Are Grieving And Fighting For a New World

G.A.P. Youth Leaders

"We are queer Muslim and Latinx youth, Black trans youth, LGBTQ and straight immigrant youth, and we love the community we create together at G.A.P. We believe in safe spaces. We believe in resilience. We have a different story to tell than the Islamophobic and militaristic mainstream media narratives you will hear. We stand together against all forms of oppression, and we will keep working hard to make sure the world listens." - G.A.P. youth leaders

The devastating attack at the Pulse Club in Orlando has hit us hard. We are deeply grieving the lives lost and stand in solidarity with all of the communities who are reeling from this tragedy. As an organization made up of LGBTQ and immigrant youth of color, we see ourselves in those 49 precious lives lost. This attack feels so close to home. In the wake of this violence, we remain as committed as ever to creating safe space and building community for LGBTQ, Muslim, and immigrant youth of color. We know how important it is to listen to LGBTQ, Muslim, immigrant youth when they tell their stories. We are determined to continue to support our communities to create powerful media that speaks out against homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, Islamaphobia and militarism. We are so grateful for our community and for every opportunity we have to come together to envision- and begin to build- the world that we are yearning for.

In love and solidarity,

Global Action Project youth leaders, staff and board