G.A.P. Turns 25!

If twenty-five years seems like a long time ago, it’s because it was!

Back in 1991 when Global Action Project (G.A.P.) was founded, the internet as we know it today was just coming to life, literally. The technology that made the world wide web widely available and the introduction of the first web browser all happened in 1991, alongside such popular culture events as the launch of Comedy Central and the release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. March 3, 1991 was also the night that George Holliday videotaped the brutal beating of a Los Angeles taxi driver, Rodney King, at the hands of the Los Angeles Police department. This, arguably first-ever viral video, led to widespread public outrage regarding police brutality against Black communities.  

Today, communities are using digital media in innovative ways (with calls to action like #BlackLivesMatter and #Not1More) to challenge the same injustices we were struggling against 25 years ago. Through these 25 years, G.A.P.'s commitment to training and supporting the next generation of social justice media makers and community leaders has remained a constant.


Since our founding over 2,000 youth have come through our doors, engaging over 1 million people with the media they collectively produced.

For 25 years, G.A.P. youth producers have been a powerful force, collectively generating new narratives about issues such as the over-policing of public schools, the struggles for immigrant justice, and the efforts of queer youth of color to fighting back against institutionalized homophobia, transphobia and racism. One only has to turn on this mornings news to see how our recent 2015 film Keep Ya Head Up, which tells the story of two New York City youth navigating a world filled with Islamophobia, anti-Black racism and police violence, cuts at the intersection of today’s most critical issues.


As part of our 25th anniversary, we are launching a 25-day crowdfunding campaign where we are asking our friends and supporters to donate $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, whatever amount is meaningful for you, which will directly support of our ongoing programs. Two of our donors have stepped up and graciously offered to match the first $7,500 we raise! Can you help us raised $15,000? Your donation will have double the impact if you donate today!

Your tax-deductible contributions will go directly towards G.A.P.’s mission of:

  • Leadership Development: Helping to develop a new generation of visionary media activists and youth leaders who are critically engaged in their communities, building the leadership of LGBTQ and new immigrant youth within broader social movements.

  • Training and Media Production: Providing in-depth media literacy & production skills, allowing young people who are most impacted by social and economic inequality to create powerful counter narratives.  

  • Community Engagement:  Supporting youth producers to use their media to spark strategic dialogue, providing a vital intervention for those impacted by unjust policies, like policing and criminalization, to influence public debates, culture, and public policy.

We hope you will invest in our continued work of building the next generation of social justice media makers. We thank you for your support!



The Global Action Project (1991-2015) Family.


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