Celebrating Teresa's Leadership!


Change is bittersweet! As you may have heard, our much-loved Co-Director, Teresa Basilio, will soon be moving on from GAP to pursue new adventures.

Teresa will be sorely missed. Teresa’s uncompromising devotion to GAP’s mission and youth media leaders, her imprint on GAP’s programs and curricula, and her strong engagement with the larger field and movements for social justice, have been an incalculable gift to GAP and will continue to sustain us moving forward. We are grateful that she has shared almost 12 years of her life, leadership and passion with us, the last three as Co-Director.



Change is inherent in what we do. Please also join me in supporting Jesse Ehrensaft-Hawley as he transitions from Co-Director to Executive Director. We are so fortunate to have his wisdom, insight, and experience. As a co-founder of FIERCE and throughout his career, Jesse has worked tirelessly to support the power of youth as agents of change, and he brings this energy to GAP at an opportune time.

Even as tools of media production and modes of consumption have changed, the issues that GAP youth tackle – educational equity, immigrant justice, police profiling, LGBTQ disenfranchisement, especially for LGBTQ youth of color – remain as urgent as ever. In this context, youth are not passive consumers of media, but are active, necessary, and powerful participants in creating and shifting culture. GAP is committed to nurturing and unleashing this power through programs for NYC youth and through partnerships with organizations at the frontlines of social change across the country. GAP will continue to work with youth to take control over their representation, address the issues that affect them and their communities, and build a stronger movement for social justice through transformative media-making and organizing.


Moving forward, Jesse, GAP’s powerhouse staff, our board, youth leaders and a broad range of community partners and national stakeholders will be redoubling efforts to leverage GAP’s work and enhance its impact on the individual, community and movement levels. Stay tuned for further developments!


Change can also be a good excuse for a party. If you are in New York, please hold the evening of April 21st, when we will be celebrating Teresa’s contributions and wishing her well. More details to follow soon.



Robert C. Winn 

Chair, GAP Board of Directors